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In many ways the online gaming community is a reflection of society as a whole. Because of that, those with the abillity to make a difference have a heavy burden upon them to do more, and to lead by example so that the ever growing population of online gamers, have positive role models to emulate.

It all started with a small clan, and one player by the name of Opt1mal. He had formed the Va-FFA clan, just before the release of Doom 3. I was approached to join the clan, and was impressed to say the least with his optimism, integrity, skill, and dedication. From then on Virginias Free For All was born. Slowly going forward, recruiting only those who shared our exact same values, we built up the clan to be the dominating force on the Doom 3 scene. As it became larger, Opt1mal slowly came to the realization, that the growth and management, had begun to take up too much of his time, and away from his gaming. Over a period of time, the clan started to falter because of this, and ultimatley ended ammeciably

After having spent so much time involved with the C.O.R.E members, it was all to obvious that the clan, could not end there. Without hesitation, I confered with Ruiner, and after not to long of a discussion, decided on eXg. Having the exact same C.O.R.E. members, and management on board, the startup was easy. We have had some addtions, and deletions over the course of time, but none the less, every member shares the same exact online gaming principles, that the clan was founded under. Honor, Integrity, Skill, and of course the desire for total Global doinination.

eXg. Pun1sher
Team EXG
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